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:::  Regenerative Agriculture Consultancy


With our help. we provide assistance with the transitioning of your land into a more sustainable operation.

Our skills, knowledge, and expertise enables us to provide you with advice, guidance, and management on solutions that restore your soil. As well as using livestock, we can improve soil fertility.

By introducing cover crops, and growing green covers, including organic manures, we provide an action plan to restore your land, no matter how big, or small.

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Regenerative Agriculture Consultancy
Blandford Landscape Design


:::  Permaculture Design Consultants


We offer meaningful solutions to the increasing dangers of climate change in our modern world. From 100% naturally sustainable landscape designs that provide productive solutions to areas of fun, relaxation, and peace.

Grow an abundance of food on your own land, no matter what size area you have.

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:::  Sustainable Environments Consultancy


We help businesses, local authorities, and commercial enterprises such as, schools, colleges, nursing homes, care homes, universities, and so on, convert to a more sustainably managed environment on their land.

We offer sustainable education as well as offering to provide designs for commercial use and practicality, making it fun, engaging, with mindful areas, as well as inject life and excitement into areas of unused land, such as woods, or forests, green areas, such as embankments, or simply to use the area for growing food on site!

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Commercial sustainable garden designer
Community Permaculture Landscape Designs


:::  Permaculture Designs For Communities 


Regardless of what stage you’re at with your community garden enterprise, why not seek help and enlist our services to educate, plan, design, and support the growth of your community garden or market garden.

Get your community garden off to a flying start with one of our designs, or perhaps you’d like arrange for us to come and do a talk on sustainable practices?

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Smallholding & Landowners

:::  Sustainable Environment Designs & Business Support


We offer sustainable solutions for landowners and smallholdings.

We provide all the support and assistance you need to operate a successful smallholding, from inception & design, through to ongoing management.

Likewise, if you are a landowner who wants to explore a more sustainable option, create revenue from your land, or create a haven for family and friends, please get in touch.

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Smallholding Landscape Design Support

WHY permaculture?

And what is it?

We help support and design landscapes and spaces that work with and benefit nature. Any area of land can reap the rewards of a permaculture design project, from farms, back gardens, schools, nursing homes, commercial properties, communities and public spaces. Learning from nature’s success, we create a symbiotic relationship that allows us to work with resources already available and create the ideal environment for plants to thrive, naturally!

  • Water catchment
  • Soil restoration & retention
  • Permanent regenerative food supplies
  • Healthier more nutritious food
  • Food forests that encourage wildlife
  • Off-grid power systems
  • Companion planting
  • Training & Education
  • Cover crops
  • Natural pest control
  • Supporting the planet
  • Aquaculture
  • Agroculture
  • Healthier more peaceful spaces
  • Restoring natural wildlife
  • Reforestation
  • Sustainable communities
  • Mindfulness & wellbeing


Our aim is to generate revenue from our regenerative land based permaculture centre (non-profit) and forward a percentage to charities. This will include helping people deal with mental health issues as well as illness and other medical related issues.

Liveloula Farm Permaculture Project

Liveloula Farm is a permaculture and regenerative farming demonstration site that will become a training centre for people to come and explore, learn, and understand the benefits of integrating farming practices with nature, rather than working against it. 

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We would love to hear from you and work with you to design and support your project or provide education towards a sustainable future

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