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What Happens When You Don’t Mow Your Lawn?

What happens when you don’t mow your lawn? This year, we’re asking people to take [...]

How To Grow Silver Birch Trees

How To Grow Silver Birch Trees Silver Birch Trees are pioneering species, meaning they are [...]

Which Seeds Do I Buy?

Hi folks I’ve put together a really short blog to talk about seeds and which [...]


Permaculture Design Consultants in Hampshire

Permaculture design consultants in Hampshire Hampshire is a county based in the South of England [...]

Organic Lawn Care

Lawn care can be a time laborious task which requires several stages of preparation. Keeping [...]

Is The Food We Eat Poisoning Us?

Many of us love munching on our favourite vegetable with a meal, there are even [...]

15 Minute Cities

There’s a lot of excitement (or should I say anger) in the air at the [...]

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