FREE packet of wildflowers for your garden when you instruct us to create your design


If you love the idea of having an edible landscape on your property, no matter how large or small but don’t have the time, or the energy to maintain your beautiful landscape, we can offer to do this for you for a competitive fee.

We can also provide project management for your design.

Natural Organic Landscape Design in Blandford Forum & Surrounding Areas

Alona Permaculture can provide you with a natural and sustainable landscape design in Blandford Forum and surrounding areas that will be supporting the planet and future generations for many years to come.

Even more exciting is that our designs are created to provide edible landscapes, which are great for kids of all ages as well as grown-ups!

Each design is beautifully crafted to ensure that your needs are met.

  • Edible landscape garden designs
  • Save money on shop-bought produce
  • Home-grown food has up to 100% more nutrients
  • No harmful pesticides, herbicides, weedicides or fertilisers
  • Sustainable gardens
  • Easy to maintain, no dig methods
  • Simply pick your food from the plant and eat it!
  • Specific plant species to attract wildlife (natural pest control)
  • Shrubs and bushes for birds (natural pest control)
  • Fruit trees, which can also be used to grow vines such as grapes