Change Your Mindset & Heal With The Power Of The Mind

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In our modern society, when we get ill, we tend to seek help from doctors, so called experts at diagnosing minor ailments.

In serious cases, we may be refered to a “specialist” doctor, consultant or even a professor, who has dedicated their life to studying certain areas or organs in the body.

One would think we could rely on these experts to resolve our illness and make us better.

More often than not, as a patient suffering from an illness, it’s likely that you will be prescribed with medication. Medication that has been manufactured by a pharmaceutical company.

In many cases, it’s not uncommon for this medicine to have adverse affects on the patient. Some may see improvements to their condition, but it may not be permanent. As such, they then need to revisit the doctor and possibly go through the process of elimination and diagnosis all over again.

The thing is (in laymans terms) some medications such as antibiotics, can have a negative affect on our bodies just as it can solving the root cause of the problem we sought to resolve.

Whilst one solution solves the root cause of the issue, the medication often causes other issues, known as side effects.

Change Your Mindset & Heal With The Power Of The Mind

However, as pharmaceutical companies are one of the top industries to generate more revenue than most other industries, I’m sure they’re quite happy that they have to provide a drug that repairs the damage the first set of drugs caused.

Taking prescribed medicine often requires a number of drugs to be prescribed. One for the condition itself, one for the side affects and possibly one for the damage the side affects caused. And so so the perpetual cycle continues until one day the patient says they’ve had enough.


So, you’ll be surprised to hear that our bodies can actually heal themselves, the trouble is we have to be disciplined. We would need to change our habits, such as our diet, alcohol intake, fitness, exposure to the sun, or lack of it, nutrient intake and so on.

Our bodies already know how to heal. When you cut yourself, the skin heals. When you cut your hair, it grows back, when you chop off a finger (assuming you didn’t get infected) it will heal over and create new skin.

Our bodies are programmed to heal, it’s how we were created, it’s deliberate and not a mistake, or an accident. So when someone says you can actually heal yourself through the power of your mind, there’s no reason to dismiss it as a ludicrous suggestion.

Millions of people use positivity in many ways, some use positive thinking to improve their chances of getting a good job, house, partner, the car they really want, or the big bank balance they dream of.

Change Your Mindset & Heal With The Power Of The Mind

By firstly believing in yourself that you can heal with positive thinking is the start of an extraordinary journey you’d wished you had discovered long ago. You really have to change your mindset and convince yourself it will work, if you focus hard enough it will.

Marisa Peer is a world renowned (RTT) Rapid Transformational Therapy Healer. She was involved in an accident that left her with multiple leg fractures. Using positive thinking by way of the RTT treatment she was able to heal far quicker and amaze doctors by the alarming speed and results of her recovery.

Marisa has over 30 years experience of RTT and it really can help people change their way of thinking in order to relieve anxiety, stress depression and heal the body from illness and lifelong trauma. Her books explain this in more detail, especially her book titled “Tell Yourself A Better Lie“. Click here to purchase.


The power of positive thought healing and mindfulness originated from ancient eastern and Buddhist philosophy and dates back around 2500 years.

Simply put, mindfulness is the ability to know what is going on in your head at any given moment without getting carried away by it.

Over many years, we have learnt new and exciting ways in which to manage our bodies. Gone are the times when barbaric treatments such as Trephination were introduced back in the earliest days in the history of mental illness treatments. Trephination is the process of removing a small part of the skull using an auger, bore, or saw. This practice began around 7,000 years ago, likely to relieve headaches, mental illness, and even the belief of demonic possession.

Modern remedies don’t require your brain to undergo some form of deconstruction, thankfully.


In modern society we have far too many tasks, demands and responsibilities for the brain to cope with. Whilst our brains are incredibly adept at multi-tasking and problem solving, we all tend to try and resolve many of them all at once causing brain fog, strain, anxiety, stress and even depression.

Our minds can easily become bogged down by focusing too much of our positive emotions and energy on the things in life that should only demand the least of our attention. As such, our focus is drawn away from the things that really should matter the most, such as love, friendship, socialising, being with nature, being constructive and using our bodies as they were designed for, for example, to forage, hunt, explore, build and repair.

Working in an office environment daily in the same room, same chair, desk, looking at the same objects and speaking with the same people day in and day out is not conducive to a balanced and healthy mindset. This example, one of many, presents a stale monotonous environment, repetitive to say the least, and lacks stimulation. As a result of this daily mono lifestyle, we do our best to find time to go to the gym, to swim, drink alcohol, socialise etc, to give our body the exercise and stimulation it lacks but so desires.

Change Your Mindset & Heal With The Power Of The Mind

We try different diets, stimulants, and exercises to ease the uncomfortableness of being stationary for long periods. It whittles down to the fact that we work to please others and not ourselves. If we do well in our work we are rewarded financially to allow us to function, to survive in our overpriced homes, so we can afford a nice car that is utilised primarily to get to work.

Work rewards us financially so we can afford food to survive another day of working, to pay for the holiday we need to get away from work and to buy the clothes we need to look good at work or when with our friends.

We work so we can afford to book holidays to get away from the office/work environment only to return to it once the holiday has ended to then spend months saving and looking forward to the next available opportunity to go on holiday to get away from work to make us feel better. It’s a perpetual cycle, one in which many of us feel we are trapped in. Many of us feel there is no other option, “I can’t possibly leave my job, how will I afford my car, house, mobile phone, how will I pay the bills, how will I go on holiday?”

We work to buy the things that we are enslaved into. For example, we don’t need half or more of the things we live with. We think we need them because we’ve been indoctrinated into believing this, so it forces us to work.

In reality all we need is food, we used to live simple lives, a house, candle light, food growing in the garden or smallholding and some animals. Clothes were either made or sourced through an exchange of goods, you had bread that was swapped for socks and so on. We may have had a horse or bicycle for transport but that was it. Life was simple, hard at times admittedly, but worrying about slugs eating your lettuce was less stressful than paying 60 bills each month or being kicked out your rented apartment because you lost your job due to stress.

Narcissists, gaslighters, they lead you into a false sense of security that if separated from them would cause immense anxiety, stress or panic. Not knowing how you will survive without the financial handouts for the work you do. Our lives have reached a point whereby we have become dependent on others in order to survive and we have lost of self reliance, our independence and our skills to survive sustainable lives.

We depend on the state to ensure our safety, we depend on consumerism to ensure we have food and clothes, transport and other goods such as televisions and mobile phones to keep us occupied (distracted) from our often meaningless lives. We sometimes don’t realise how meaningless they are until we arrive at our holiday destination and realise what joy awaits us, and then it’s time to return to the grind.

For some of the fortunate few, they break away from the chains that tie them to their desk, lorry, car, factory or working life that enslaves them. Take for example those that decide to give it all up and go travelling. They meet new cultures, societies, taste new exciting food, discover amazing places and often have uplifting moments where the realisation of being caged in an office is a choice and not compulsory.

Healing our minds with Positive thoughts and energy is something we should all learn to discover. It starts with a journey of acceptance, that our minds are far more powerful than we are led to believe. We have incredible abilities as humans, when it’s not being suppressed! Our ability to heal ourselves goes way back, if we cut ourselves we heal, if we feel upset we do something that makes us happy, we heal. But when we’re ill, we tend to visit a doctor becaue it’s what we’ve been taught by modern society and the onslaught of indoctrination from the media and from our own governments!

We are subjected daily to TV commercials telling us we must brush our teeth 300 times a day, when in fact they may actually be causing more harm than good. We are told to wash with and wear certain items, products that are cheaply produced with massively high profit margins to satisfy the big corporations. Imagine if we all stopped using these products, do you think the world will grind to a halt. Probably not, in fact, nature may take over in its own right and a period of regeneration may occur. Maybe that’s what the world needs?

In ancient times we would seek the help of a community doctor, a witch or herbal practitioner, a person who had developed the skills to heal through natural holistic methods, tried and tested through generations. They used only the plants and mental energy from healing, the recourses available to them, not pills with side effects that need another pill to counter the side effects of the first pills!


By creating a mantra and repeating this several times a day, we “tell” our body to heal. We are guiding our body, helping it along, just as you would standing beside a swimming pool encouraging a swimmer, who may be a family member, a friend or an idol to come first in a race.

That swimmer will be entirely focused on their task in hand (to finish the race first), they may not hear you, see you, or even know you’re there but we still shout and bellow as loud as we can, louder sometimes than other spectators encouraging the other swimmer next to them.

We do it because in our hearts we believe it has the power to aid in their success, at the time, we don’t always know this, it seems the right thing to do, just like we have the power to aid our success in recovering from trauma or injury by telling our body to heal. You may recall yourself screaming alone in a room due to frustration or because of a situation you’re unhappy with. What your mind is doing is trying to relax the pressure to protect you and your mind.

You may be at work and your boss has annoyed you, or put to many unrealistic demands upon you and you feel overwhelmed forcing you to step outside and scream to the birds and the trees, or the innocent bystander you didn’t notice standing beside you!

Without this release you’d believe you would “go mad”, “explode”, or stab your boss with a Biro, (extreme maybe, but I’ve heard worse).

To round this up, we don’t have to put up with things in our lives for the sake of it. Yes, we need money to pay bills and survive but we can also heal through positivity and mental wellbeing. Suffering in silence can be just as traumatic as the trauma we are experiencing.

We all need to realise that there are other options and if we don’t take that leap, we will never discover if there was a better outcome, brighter options or more fulfilling opportunities.

Change Your Mindset & Heal With The Power Of The Mind

Change your mindset, and you change the way in which you see the world, healing, energy and opportunities that are already out there for us. You just have to put aside all those things that keep you chained, gagged and bound.

It has been said that time heals all wounds. The truth is that time does not heal anything. It merely passes. It is what we do during the passing of time that helps or hinders the healing process.” – Jay Marshal

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