Dorset based Permaculture Designers

Dorset Permaculture

Alona Permaculture are a team of Permaculture designers and consultants based in Dorset that provide environmentally friendly solutions that offer regenerative food production and sustainable environments.

Our Dorset Permaculture services serve all of Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset and beyond. We’re happy to support individuals living in Dorset or on the other side of the globe.

Awareness of Permaculture in Dorset is growing fast, with more people than ever now concerned about the chemicals and bioengineered processes used in commercial food production as well as food scarcity.

Permaculture in Dorset offers excellent opportunities to transition into a more sustainable practice, utilising Gardens to grow nutrient-rich food without the need to use harmful chemicals. From a small Dorset

garden to acres of agricultural land, every one of us can make a positive difference by learning how nature can work for us.

From soil recovery and regeneration to natural pest control, we help people in Dorset embrace permaculture and demonstrate how it can work for them and their needs.

For further information why not contact Alona Permaculture for a friendly consultation to discover how Permaculture in Dorset can change the way we interact with nature and how we can produce food in small spaces with minimal effort.

2 thoughts on “Dorset based Permaculture Designers

  1. Ellen says:

    Hi there,

    I’m interested in potentially getting some permaculture design help with horticultural project North of bridport, Dorset. I’m interested to know your pricing and whether you’ve worked with similar projects before.

    We’re a collective of growers running two businesses – a flower and floristry business and a seed company. We’ve taken on a 2 acre field with a 10 year lease. We’d like to have a design which incorporates permenant (or semi permenant) bed for seed crops and annual flowers, large areas of perennial planting for floristry, biomass for compost and a small ‘garden’ area to host workshops and gatherings. Hopefully that gives a bit of an outline of the project, do ask questions if you have any.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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