We cover Dorset and surrounding areas

We provide permaculture design services and consultations in Dorset using the principles set out by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren to provide a sustainable food source using the power of nature

Permaculture Design in Dorset

We provide permaculture designs to individuals, businesses, organisations, clubs, companies and authorities in Dorset and surrounding areas

Sustainable Food Production

Regenerative Food Supplies

Using natural fertilisers and no-dig methods, we harness the power of nature to produce sustainable produce

How Do You Start A Worm Farm?

Soil Restoration in Dorset

We offer detailed consultation services to help you restore your soil and turn it into a thriving ecosystem

We are a team of permaculture designers and consultants based in Dorset covering Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset and beyond.

Our permaculture design service in Dorset offers diverse opportunities to establish an environmentally friendly sustainable system in which nature provides its support to help grow nutritious food and use the resources available within the surrounding environment.

Permaculture in Dorset is growing fast, with more people identifying the need to grow nutritious food and moving away from commercial products which can contain harmful additives that encourage growth and the speed of growing.

It is also becoming more commonly known that some commercially produced food is bioengineered, or can contribute to more serious illnesses

  • Increase productivity 
  • Encourage wildlife
  • Soil restoration
  • Nutritious food 
  • Water catchment 
  • Self-sufficiency

If you are looking for a permaculture designer or consultant in Dorset, please contact us today. We are a friendly bunch, happy to help and support you on your path to a more environmentally sustainable way of life.