Restoring nature

The Food Forest Designs and Projects aim to not only reinstate natural habitats for wildlife they create a community, social interaction, food production, soil recovery, and carbon management. The results are remarkable and over time see the emergence of a sustainable food source as well as an abundance of wildlife and rejuvenation of our natural ecosystem. 

Low Energy Solutions

There are no limits to the food forest designs and projects, almost any location in the world can benefit from this project. The versatility and range of species allow us to hand-pick the best range of plants to form guilds, that will mature to provide the objectives of each mission and habitat for even some of the most endangered species on the planet.

Food forest designs and projects bring people together, encourage wildlife, restoration of soils and create a safe environment for all species. It also produces a community, be that of wildlife species or humans, a community that will thrive and have a place to feel solitude that also benefits health and well-being whilst reducing food scarcity and health issues.

Food Forest Designs and Projects mitigate the risk of flooding and landslides by retaining soil using root structures and preventing the degrading effect of land. They provide sequestration, drawing down carbon from the atmosphere and converting it into nitrogen providing an environment that is caring for the planet with little human intervention, labour or cost.


We are happy to offer our support, irrespective of where you are in the world. If you, your organisation or even your community have ideas to regenerate wasteland, a back garden, a park or any area of land and turn it into a thriving forest that produces food and encourages the wellbeing and health of not only people but wildlife and the planet as a whole, then please contact us.