We design spaces for schools and children that offer safe areas to engage, explore and learn about nature in a fun and practical way


Our Forest for Schools landscape learning design service can be as versatile as you wish and fit within any budget.

From a simple flower garden to an interactive explorers area for the children to really open their creative senses and learn through touch and smell, we can design an environment that is safe, practical and fun but also provides the ability to improve productivity.

Children perform better having spent time in naturally engaging environments where their senses come to life, senses such as touch, smell, and textures are all critical elements in their development which in turn boosts productivity.

Areas of relaxation, zen, and calm, or areas where wildlife corners provide exciting opportunities to engage with flora and fauna in their natural habitat in a safe and easily supervised environment.

Children can explore their surroundings safely and utilise all their senses in an environment designed to provide an engaging experience, in turn, making them far more productive in the classroom and nobody has to get in a vehicle to enjoy it.

Some of the features we can provide within our child-safe designs include,

  • Worm bins or waist-high worm farms
  • A wildlife area using logs
  • Inspection tables
  • Seating areas
  • Mini food forest
  • Standing stones
  • Natural wood playground equipment
  • Recycled playground equipment
  • Mindfulness area
  • Shelters
  • Mini woodland
  • Underground tunnels
  • Natural ropes and low-to-ground climbing 
  • Safe surfaces
  • Food Forest
  • Log carvings
  • Nesting boxes (with/without camera link)
  • Wetland area
  • Wildlife corner & bug hotels
  • And more…


Could Forest for Schools benefit your land?

    We also provide a maintenance service to keep the design as intended for the enjoyment of the children for many years to come. 

    This would include regular inspections for safety reasons, upkeep of the wild areas, tree pruning and shaping, and maintaining the area to a high standard to ensure the life of the project provides many years of joy, well-being and happiness.

    Forests for Schools