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FREE Permaculture Design

We are offering one school in Dorset the opportunity to take advantage of a free consultation and design for a permaculture garden


Alona Permaculture is on a mission to help support kids in learning to understand how we can work with nature to provide a caring approach to growing food in a way that is sustainable and environmentally friendly to our planet.

Our children are the future and now it is critical that we do our best to teach them sustainable ways of working with nature and the environment. Permaculture provides a blueprint as to how we can work in a symbiotic relationship with nature and the environment to provide us with essentials such as food, full of nutrients and free of chemicals.

With our expert guidance, we can provide knowledge and support to help build an ecologically friendly environment within an area of your school that produces not only naturally grown produce using the environment but will also contribute towards the restoration and welfare of our planet and not a single harmful chemical will be used.

We would like to offer one school in the Dorset, England area the opportunity to benefit from our services for FREE!

We will provide

  • A free consultation
  • A Risk & Safety Assessment 
  • A soil analysis test
  • A Land Survey
  • A detailed hand-drawn permaculture design, which can be framed in the school
  • Advice and guidance on the development 
  • Advice and assistance with funding
  • Income Opportunities
  •  Independent water catchment
  • Natural fertilisers & pest control 
  • Project management
Permaculture Designers
Permaculture Designers

WORTH £2500

You will receive a comprehensive permaculture design service totalling a value of up to £2,500 completely free.

If you would like your school to be considered please complete the form below