Is The Food We Eat Poisoning Us?

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Many of us love munching on our favourite vegetable with a meal, there are even kids out there that love it too. But what if I told you you may be munching on more than just lettuce and veg!

Our bodies are super intelligent, and sometimes us humans think we’re smarter than our bodies and know what our body needs best to lead a healthy happy life. It is a serious question being asked by many, “is our food poisoning us?”

Some people believe eating the discarded bits of chicken meat is healthy, for example, cheap meat mixed with breadcrumbs, sugar and flavourings, probably to hide the taste of eating the crappy parts of an animal, disguised with additives and batter.

For some unknown reason they think they’re doing no harm eating something that most wild animals wouldn’t touch with a barge pole!

However, it appears a number of scientists think we all need additives in our food, even the purest form of food, our veg and fruit doesn’t escape the torture.

Todays food standards are edging towards being on the border of becoming nothing less than criminal institutions. Adding chemicals to crops to promote faster growth, to deter pests and to make them last longer on shelves, as well as chemicals that cause life changing ilnneses such as cancer and heart disease should be criminalised.

Why Do We Need So Many Chemicals In Our Food?

All of these chemicals, Glyphosate, Formaldehyde etc, should never have a place in our dietary requirements because our bodies don’t need them. Furthermore, these chemicals destroy the nutrients in our food, so effectively, we’re eating organic cells with chemicals, rather than nutrients.

It’s no wonder so many people are ill, with skin problems, headaches, and other health issues they can’t quite put their finger on. Our bodies are literally being deprived of the nutrients we need to stay healthy, resulting in more people than ever becoming unwell, some severely ill.

Eat your 5 a day they say, more like get your fill of toxic life changing illnesses!

The pharmaceutical industry is the wealthiest industry in the world, so its in their continued interest to make sure we stay “unhealthy”. Healthy people don’t make money for the largest, most profitable industry in the world.

It’s no wonder then that the pharmaceutical companies design, create, produce and supply food growers with chemicals that included promises of bumper crops and reduced growing times by as much as 50%.

Vaccines In Our Food

They have gone another step further, in fact, they’ve overstepped the mark this time with the latest news from a number of universities recieving funding to research the options of integrating mRNA into our vegetables, fruit and meat.

The first question is why. With so many questions unanswered surrounding numerous deaths and heinous illnesses from those who’ve already had mRNA jabs, it’s becoming an alarming concern.

Scientists are trying to find ways of putting the mRNA vaccine into our food, despite nobody on this side of the fence ever saying “What a great idea°. Why is this even happening. Why can’t we just leave food alone? Why do we need to have these psychopaths playing frankenstien with our food.

Our food in its natural, unfettered state provides us all the vitamins, minerals, proteins and nutrients that our bodies need. Homegrown organic food is packed with goodness and those that eat it, rarely suffer ilness, or any healthy problems.

Yet those who eat vegetables and fruit from the supermarkets seem to have common  struggles with minor and major ailments, such as IBS, IBD, soriacise, smelly breath, BO, bad teeth, nails, hair, impotence, irregular menstrual cycles, etc.

It’s no wonder, seeing as there are more chemicals in the produce than there is natural goodness and nutrients the body needs to keep these ailments in check. Our bodies immunity and defence mechanism is being compromised, and yet we don’t see it.

When you see an apple in the supermarket it looks like any other apple, it even looks like an organically grown healthy apple. Yet what lies beneath isn’t the same!

Imagine seeing a ferrari, bright red with the prancing stallion on the front, shiny wheels and leather seats, and sued steering wheel, only to be shocked when the owner tells you its based on a family saloon car, it’s a kit car, with a fibreglass body kit, fake leather pvc seating, and a 2ltr diesel engine instead of a rip roaring, thundering V8 high spec, and meticulously designed piece of hand-built engineering.

Kit Car Fruit & Veg

Our fruit and veg is a kit car, hidden beneath its identical exterior is a sluggish, oil thirsty, polluting, family saloon car and not the exciting heart thumping ferrari you assumed it was.

Looks can be deceptive, just because our fruit and veg looks the part, it doesn’t mean its playing the part. Needless to say, in many cases the food will actually be a hinderance to you, or a thorn in your side. Just like the moment you turn the key in your ferrari kit car after a crowd has gathered, everyone will be expecting to hear the sound of a V8 purring, but instead, reluctantly you start the engine and they hear the clatter of diesel injectors firing into life and witness a puff of smoke coughing from the exhaust.

We don’t need more additives in our food and we certainly don’t need vaccines!! We need to grow our own food as its the only way to know what we’re truly eating. Have you ever recalled starting to watch a film and realise its not what you expected, soon enough people will come to realise the film we’re watching isn’t as good as we thought but it’ll be too late.

We need tighter control and more transparency where our food is concerned. We need to know where it came from, how it was grown and most importantly, what was used in the growing process, what chemicals were used, and what affects they have on us.

Most commercial crop growers will abide by the rules and regulations and only use the maximum allowed dosage of fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides, however, imported food may not be adhering so strictly to these guidelines.
Our food is not policed, we don’t know the true extent of the corruption that exists within this industry which is heavily overlooked, or to what lengths overseas farmers will go to to meet demand.

One example saw lead contamination in a crop so high that it was 400% above the minimum level deemed acceptable for human consumption. The results can be devasting with damage to health including blindness, headaches, tumours and cognitive issues.

More of our food than ever before is being grown in wasteland, or on landfill sites and even old mines where contamination levels can be frighteningly high. Without proper soil regeneration, the contaminants are being absorbed into the crops, transported and then consumed.

Who is testing the soil, who is testing the produce? Investors don’t care about your health or the soil, they care about getting produce on the shelves so they can make money.

The Only Safe Way Is Your Way

Even a small family garden laid with turf can be transformed into a regenerative food source, a haven for wildlife and a constant source and supply of food, furthermore, it can take little effort. It’s good for the soul, your health, fitness and wellbeing. It’ll teach your kids valuable skills, put then in touch with nature and in contact with the soil which is good for your health.

Kids staring at screen’s is heartbreaking, watching videos on Chinese controlled platforms or apps, but nature provides a chance for families to socialise and bond once again.

We really need to start thinking about what we eat if we want to remain healthy and to be around to watch our kids grow up. We can all make a difference. We can all break away from the heavy chains that we drag around, and from the globalists, and corporations that make money from making us ill.

It’s time to look at that turfed area of garden and ask yourself if you would rather have a non functioning area of your property or an area that provides the most natural nutritious healthy food. It’s your choice and one which we can still make freely, for now!

For books and references on growing your own click here. 

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