Liveloula Permaculture Demo Site and Training centre

Liveloula is a 3.3 acre plot of agricultural land nestled amongst some of the most beautiful woods and views near Wimborne in Dorset. It was a piece of land being sold by the farmer that is sandwiched between two fields currently managed by a tenant farmer. 

The land itself is on two slopes, each converging into a low spot 1/3rd in from the easterly direction. When we first acquired the land, it was shoulder high with weeds, the soil was baked hard and cracking, which clearly indicated a heavy clay based soil. It took 6 months to continually flail the land to keep the weeds from seeding and provide green manure for the soil, this year, the grass is luscious and thick, with hardly any weeds to worry about and the abundance of life within the soil is remarkable, we have millions of worms and microorganic life.

Tests will be carried out this year on the soil to determine the fertility levels, nutrient test will hopefully show a vast improvement. 

Over the next three years the site is being turned into a demonstration centre and a training site for people wanting to come and learn about permaculture, which will be in the form of 1 to 14 day courses. 


So far we have erected deer fencing to protect what will become the food forest, where 30+ fruit trees have already been planted. 


Next to the food forest, we have a fruit cage, which is being used to grow strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, redcurrants, grapes, mulberries, kiwi and anything else we can squeeze in. The fruit cage project is 50% completed. 


To the side of the fruit cage, we will have our polytunnel, 14m x 5m, where we will grow a wide range of produce, such as melons, cucumbers, tomatoes, and will also double up as a nursery for new cuttings and trees.