Permaculture Consultants in Bridport Dorset

Permaculture Consultants in Bridport Dorset

Alona Permaculture is a Permaculture Design company that specialises in providing permaculture consultancy that creates edible spaces.

Permaculture Consultants in Bridport Dorset provide assistance, support and design for residential and commercial clients.

We work with you to create permaculture gardens which offers a sustainable practice and edible gardens for you and or your family or work colleagues.

Which Seeds Do I Buy?

As qualified Permaculture Design Consultants, we love to work closely with our clients and support your project from start to finish.

Our initial consultation consists of a series of questions and a walk through the land to discover what will work best for you and your garden or growing space.

It may be that you want to convert a small area and dedicate it to growing food organically, or simply change the way your current practices for a more healthy and sustainable option.

You may be a school looking to create an environment for the children to play and learn about sustainable environments, creating a productive space for them to enhance their ability to focus and learn.

Permaculture Design For Disabled Access

We even cater for businesses who want to create free food for staff, such as fruit trees or even an area in which they can relax and enjoy nature during a lunch break, in turn increasing productivity levels for the rest of the day.

Our initial discuss is informal, relaxed and friendly. We will ask you several questions about what you want to achieve, what is the ultimate goal and what edibles you wish to grow.

The key here is to pick the foods you like, rather than those you’d “like” to grow.

Permaculture Consultants in Bridport Dorset

In Permaculture we avoid waste, therfore, everything that is implemented into the final design will have at least one primary function, most will have more than one and as such this benefits the design using Guilds.

We may ask you many questions over the course of our permaculture consultation with you but this will be critical to the success of the design and to minimise unnecessary hard work or failure.

Once we have an idea if your objectives and we have advised on what is and what isn’t possible, we then look to gather information for the Permaculture Design.

In areas such as Bridport, Dorset, weather can be challenging being as its so close to the sea. We analyse windbabd sun patterns, direction and angles as well as understanding where shaded areas exist.

Permaculture Consultants in Bridport Dorset
Vegetable food garden poster of natural organic carrot pepper onion cucumber planted in the ground vector illustration

We also determine the NPK and Ph levels of the soil to give us an idea of what is needed to create fertile rich soil.

It may be that the area will need to undergo a period of regeneration prior to planting if the soil has deteriorated or is devoid of organic life. Or we have to supplement the soil with manure, compost or other organic matter.

solar path permaculture

Once we have this data and information, we can begin the design, planning and marking out of the Guilds, fruit forest, composting areas, water catchment, ponds (if suitable) and so on.

We prefer hand drawn designs in keeping with our belief that it offers a more personal and earthy feel than that of a CAD. However, we do offer digital designs if this is your preference.

Once the Permaculture garden design is complete work can then begin and it is our pleasure to offer project management of the design to ensure the design is executed as planned.

For more details about our services, or if you’re just inquisitive about what we can offer for your garden project in Bridport, Dorset, get in touch. We would love to share our knowledge and ideas with you to create a sustainable and possibly self-sufficienct Permaculture Garden Design.

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