Permaculture Design Consultations

Using all the permaculture principles, we work with you to observe and assess the local environment, which may include, solar patterns, wind directions throughout the seasons, rainfall, thermal implications, topography, and gradient of the land, soil pollutants, and more. With this data, we can create, and future-proof our permaculture designs to provide you with an abundance of food, all grown naturally using natural resources from the environment


Alona Permaculture provides consultation services to a wide range of people and organisations, from members of the public to local authorities and governments, anywhere in the world.

Our permaculture consultations allow you and us the opportunity to determine what we can be achieved on your land. A permaculture consultation provides a better, clearer understanding of the exciting possibilities without first committing to the cost of a full permaculture design service. However, if you are decided upon a design already, we will waste no time in launching your project.

Permaculture Consultations are also incredibly useful for the general public, residential homes, commercial businesses, and larger organisations as well as local authorities and governments that need to understand the level of work and cost involved in such a project.

This initial stage will highlight what is realistically achievable, what timeframe is required, and a guide on cost based on a questionnaire we conduct with you all in a friendly manner.

We can set out realistic goals along with timelines for the fruiting maturity of certain species of plants and trees

Our advice and guidance are then provided in a written report to help you understand what is achievable in line with expectations, the costs involved in the project and the timescales for achieving the finished result.

We can provide you with realistic ideas for solutions to achieve your objectives and give you a true understanding of how realistic those objectives are.

We will also include a basic mock-up design to give you an overview of what the proposed area may look like once developed.

Permaculture allows us to explore so many options, so please get in touch with us for more information

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    We are happy to offer a video call consultation prior to agreeing to a design to help support and advise you on what is achievable. Our one-hour video consultation provides a very good insight into what we can offer without committing to the cost of a full design.