Alona Permaculture creates ecologically sustainable environments that thrive in their natural surroundings

We have the solution to reduce the strain our modern world and consumerism are having on our planet by implementing sustainable methods and practices, such as Permaculture, but we can’t do it alone, we need your help!

Community Designs

Helping communities to form sustainable and organic cooperative land management schemes

Soil Regeneration

Soil recovery & regeneration is the process of restoring soil using No-Dig methods, natural fertilisers and plant matter

Smallholding Designs

We design productive sustainable blueprints for smallholdings of any size in order for them to get the most from their land

Forests For Schools

Outdoor landscape designs for children to interact with nature and learn about sustainability safely and in fun.

Food Forests

A forest full of food and wildlife working together in a symbiotic relationship provides a harmonious balance

Organic Food

Our designs incorporate areas where food is grown naturally and benefits from the nutrients that come from the soil.

OPD Wales

We help and support One Planet Developments in Wales to achieve their targets both in productivity and income

Power & Energy

Harvesting the power of natural resources provides sustainable options for self-sufficiency and independence

“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.”

Mother Nature Needs Us More Than Ever

Permaculture offers us the opportunity to reconnect with nature, our communities and our souls. It is a relationship that provides opportunities for us to repair and replace what consumerism is taking away from us.

On our current heading, we are on a path to what could become total devastation of our population on earth. Consumerism is taking a firm foothold and it is up to people like us to encourage positive and deliberate action.

Modern technology has its place, it provides us with time saving solutions but the side-effects are pushing us further away from nature.

We all have a part to play and for some this entails donating to worthwhile causes, for others, its taking positive action to change the way they live and become reconnected with the beating heart that we are all connected to.


We are here to answer any questions or discuss your needs. Please feel free to contact us so we can help.