Permaculture Design For Disabled Access

Permaculture Design For Disabled Access

Our brief was to design a Fruit and Nut garden that was suitable for disability access

We were asked to produce a Permaculture Design For a Disabled Access garden that was suitable for someone with a disability that restricted them slightly but not enough to prevent them from enjoying the things they loved.

This is just a mock-up of the design.

The requirement was that the Permaculture Design For Disabled Access needed to accommodate a wheelchair if it was required sometime in the future, so we set about futureproofing the design to accommodate this.  Within the brief, it was clear the garden was to become more of a food forest, with a selection of fruits and nuts. The client wanted to be able to meander through the garden munching on edibles as they went.


The key element in this design was to make the design sustainable with a big emphasis on no chemicals being used whatsoever, the client wanted to achieve an organic environment, so we advised on the options, which included, a worm bin, compost heap and the chop and drop methods for replenishing the soil and providing nutrients.

We also incorporated a large log pile to encourage wildlife, insects and microorganisms to flourish. The garden was a modest size and had the ability for us to use a new style of design. We drew up a mock permaculture design using the shape of a tree, with the paths representing the branches.

The design turned out well and offers lovely flowing lines throughout the whole design with areas that are more spacious to observe, enjoy or contemplate. These areas are also perfect for turning a wheelchair if needed.

Compost Area

Permaculture Design For Disabled Access

We added a compost area to the Permaculture Design For Disabled Access so that organic waste can be collected from around the garden and left to decompose ready for use on the soil.

Worm Farm

A worm farm is included in this permaculture design as the client was intrigued when we discussed it. Simple to use and maintain, the worms provide castings (poop) that feeds the soil, some refer to it as “Black gold” as it is full of microorganisms which help to break down organic matter in the soil and produces nutrients.


The pergola offers some shade as well as a climbing frame for vines. It is also a nice feature that allows us to add a structure into the garden to give depth.

We have also added a couple of IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Containers) which have been steam cleaned to collect water from the shed roof using a piece of guttering a downspout.

There are many changes that will be made to this design for the final design but we cannot share that with you at the moment, this is just a mock up of the design. If you are interested in a consultation please let us know and get in touch.

Images: Copyright ©Alona Permaculture

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