Our society is becoming overwhelming for many people, we all seem to be under a lot pressure to work to pay bills, buy food and products led by the latest consumer campaigns, when in fact, the peace, happiness and tranquillity we need may not cost anything at all and may only be a few steps from your door!


Over the many thousands of years we have become subjects of order and governed by leadership and control. It is a fact, however, we do not need governing, we need guidance and nature.

We can all live in a symbiotic relationship with nature, in harmony as one, the reason many are fearful or apprehensive is most likely due to indoctrination from those who influence our paths, those who make money from us, those who force us to work for others so that we can afford to buy their goods!

Consumerism has taken a strong foothold in our everyday modern societal lives. Have you noticed how a “new model” is released every few months, to keep you firmly planted on the consumer train. It’s like you’re passing train stations (which represent your true home, where you belong), only to be shown a new enticing product that makes you miss the stop but it’s okay, you’re happy again, for a while!

Our natural habitat is what we call “nature”, the forest, the park, or any area we call “Beautiful”, such as mountains and lakes. These places are our homes but they have become places we go to destress, revitalise, reset or for pleasure to unwind and relax, we go to these places that are now called “holidays” because our body and mind draws us back to where we belong. 

We don’t belong in big cities full of pollution, noise, toxicity, crime and danger. We belong in the wild. Our cities are the cages of animals we go to visit in a zoo, the animal in the cage is looking at us thinking we’re free, when in fact, we are far from it.

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Permaculture Designers

Permaculture let’s us connect with nature

Permaculture is more than being sustainable or self-sufficient, it is a gathering of people who have an urge to rekindle their connection with their origins and by doing so, they experience a wonderful feeling.

Success in permaculture is measured by the number of microorganisms you have in your soil, or the bumper yield from your fruit tress, not by the record sales figures you achieved this month.