planning APPLICATIONS (UK) can be challenging!

If you are considering submitting a planning application for your land project make sure you are armed with information and support that will give you the best possible chances of success


Dealing with planning applications can be exhausting, frustrating and a real challenge, even more so for people who have never been down this road before.

Thankfully, there are actions you can take to increase your chances of your planning application being granted. The key is to understand how planning officers work and provide an application that will impress. 

Getting planning approved for a three-bedroom house on a newly purchased plot of land that was previously used for grazing, or agricultural use, for example, will simply be declined. Planning officers will want to see more than an idea to become sustainable and self-sufficient scribbled on a piece of paper.

Unfortunately, there are far too many YouTube experts on this subject and encourage, or misinform, people to take the wrong course of action, leaving them frustrated, annoyed and disappointed. You may want to watch endless hours of so-called experts on social media (it may have worked for them, for their project, in their county…) but it may not work for you. 

Every planning application is treated differently and is assessed on numerous factors, not because the human rights act says you have a right to build. For example, they will consider the environmental implications, funding, benefit to the community, disturbance to the community… and so on.

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