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Regenerative Land Based Sustainable and Self-Sufficient Training Centre & Demo Site


Liveloula is being developed into a permaculture and regenerative agriculture demonstration site, which will also be used as a training centre for anyone to come and learn, gain knowledge and insight into the practices of permaculture and regenerative agriculture. 

The property is a 3.3 acre parcel of land, sandwiched amongst agricultural land in the beautiful county of Dorset near Wimborne. Our mission is to provide facilities that allow people from all walks of life to visit the site, learn from us and undergo training through the numerous courses we will be offering.

If you would like to contribute to the development of this project please click here. Our secondary goal is to provide knowledge and education to local schools and colleges.


Our mission is to develop the site into a training centre for local schools, community groups and private individuals or groups to attend a number of training courses we will be hosting on the property. 

The courses we will be offering;

  • Vermiculture (worm farming) and vermicompost
  • Biochar making and benefits to the soil
  • How to construct swales
  • Fruit forest design and creation
  • Fruit cages
  • Water catchment and irrigation 
  • Solar and alternative power solutions
  • Organic fertiliser
  • Composting

And more… 

The development of the project will be documented and much of the footage will be shared on Youtube, so you can keep up to date with progress. So far, we have installed the swales to prevent flooding in the lower middle section of the land. This has been very successful! 

We have also begun work on the food forest, with the planting of over 30 different fruiting varieties. Our fruit cage has also been erected (8mx6m) and happy to report that we already have blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, redcurrants, mulberry, grapes and kiwi plants growing, some of which are producing fruit! 

We have the start of a water catchment on the small shed, collecting water into a 1000ltr IBC. We are now working on installing our no-dig vegetable beds, which is a little later than expected due to the harsh weather at the beginning of the year (2024). 

We will shortly take delivery of our welfare and training centre, providing water, toilets, cooking facility, and a meditation area. 


Future developments coming soon…

Bee hives
Planting of over 1000 native hedgerow trees and shrubs
Woodland forest area
Camping area for training
Compost toilets and shower using filtered rainwater
Reed bed for grey water filtration 
Wildlife pond(s)
Herb garden
Sensory garden
Meditation garden 

Manual borehole drilling rig

Borehole drilling permaculture off grid

After 5hrs and 4m we began to see signs of water

Permaculture Design Consultants Hampshire

A frame for laying out swales along the contours of the land