Liveloula is a 3.3 acre site that is being transformed into a permaculture demonstration site. Once agricultural land and used during the war as a fuel dump/storage site, it is situated amongst an undisturbed area of farmland. 

The land itself benefits from a 200-year-old oak tree and slopes inwards from either side. The challenge here is the main oil supply pipe that runs through the centre of the site, supply oil and gas from he Purbecks in Dorset to Southampton, along with historical standing water at the lowest point. 

The site is also open to the elements. 


The first objective is clearly to observe the site over a period of 12 months or more. We also need to drill a test hole to find water, we know it is on the land from a survey we carried out using dowsing rods. Using the dowsing rods to locate a potential area, we started to drill by hand. 4m drilling and 5 hours later, we hit the water, however, tests have come back that the water is contaminated with bacteria.

Our second option is to rig up water catchment using a container or shed and a large storage tank.

One of the issues with this site is that there is no boundary on 2 sides of the land, therefore it is open to deer grazing, and there is a lot of Roe deer around here, who seem to like using the long grass for bedding through the night. 

We decided to invest in a small tractor and flail. Over the course of 2023, we flailed the land every 4 weeks and kept the weeds down, which had grown in places to nearly 6′ tall. This year, so far, we have lush green grass from the constant supply of green manure being put back into the soil and only a few docks and nettles. Last years efforts had knocked back the docks which had harvested nitrogen, this has now gone back into the soil. 

Our other priorities are planting our 35 fruit tress, erecting a fruit cage 6m x 8m and a polytunnel (14m long). Then we will focus on a path for access as we currently park on the grass and in wet conditions it isn’t ideal. We will also be creating a 15m x 10m wildlife pond, vegetable patches, a vermiculture set up and so on.

We will share updates on our YouTube Channel Here

Manual borehole drilling rig

Borehole drilling permaculture off grid

After 5hrs and 4m we began to see signs of water

Permaculture Design Consultants Hampshire

A frame for laying out swales along the contours of the land

Invite Hedgehogs In

By inviting hedgehogs into your garden you provide free pest control for your precious vegetables 

Create a Haven For Wildlife

Planting wildflowers, and leaving an area of lawn uncut, helps pollinators such as hoverflies, honey bees, bumble bees and bugs.