Soil Health and Amendment Course: Enrich Your Soil Naturally

Soil Health and Amendment Course: Enrich Your Soil Naturally

Soil Health and Amendment Course: Enrich Your Soil Naturally

Unlock the secrets to vibrant, fertile soil with our comprehensive Soil Amendment Course. Learn how to enhance your garden’s productivity and sustainability using natural amendments such as biochar, vermicompost, worm tea, and nettles. Our course is delivered online and in-person options.

Course Overview

This hands-on course is designed for gardeners, farmers, and sustainability enthusiasts who want to improve soil health using organic and sustainable methods. You’ll gain practical knowledge and experience in creating and applying various soil amendments to boost plant growth and soil fertility.

What You’ll Learn

  • Biochar: Understand the benefits of biochar, its role in carbon sequestration, and how to produce and apply it to your soil for improved aeration, water retention, and nutrient availability. Biochar is an organic material that has been carbonised under high temperatures (300-1000°C), in the presence of little, or no oxygen. This process (called ‘pyrolysis’) releases bio-oils plus gases and leaves a solid residue of at least 80% elemental carbon. You will be engaged in a hands on approach, preparing the wood for charring, digging the trench and watching over your biochar as pyrolysis effect takes place. Finally, you will be able to soak the biochar for 24 hours before crushing it and taking it home to place in your soil.
  • Vermicompost: Explore the process of vermicomposting, from setting up a worm bin (conventional to the more rudimentary approach,) to harvesting rich, organic compost. Learn how vermicompost enhances soil structure, microbial activity, and nutrient content as well as understand how to maintain your worm farm correctly through exhaustive, tried and tested techniques.
  • Worm Tea: Discover the techniques for brewing worm tea, a potent liquid fertilizer. Learn about its application methods and benefits for plant health and soil vitality. What is worm tea and dispelling the myths about how worm tea is made.
  • Nettles: Learn how to utilize nettles as a natural fertilizer and pest repellent. Understand the nutritional benefits they bring to your garden and how to prepare nettle tea for soil and plant nourishment.
  • Microbiology and Macro-biology: Discover the tiny creatures that live within healthy soil using our microscope and compare this to unhealthy soil from commercial farming practices.

Course Highlights

  • Interactive Workshops: Engage in practical, hands-on activities that demonstrate the production and application of each soil amendment.
  • Expert Instruction: Gain insights from experienced Permaculture Consultants who will guide you through each step of the process.
  • Sustainable Practices: Learn sustainable gardening techniques that reduce reliance on chemical fertilizers and promote ecological balance.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals passionate about sustainable agriculture and soil health.

Course Details

  • Duration: 2-day intensive workshop
  • Location: Nr Wimborne in Dorset, UK
  • Dates: TBC – July/August/September/October 2024
  • Investment: £120 (includes all materials and refreshments) bring your own lunch
  • Registration: Complete the form below to register your interest.


Camping is available for £10 per person per night. Please bring your own food. There is a barbeque on site and fire pit. Strict rule of no noise after 11pm

On Site Facilities

  • Composting toilet
  • Shower
  • Water
  • Rain cover
  • Please bring your own drinking water

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for home gardeners, small-scale farmers, permaculture enthusiasts, and anyone interested in enhancing soil health through natural amendments.

Join Us

Transform your gardening practices and contribute to a healthier planet with our Soil Amendment Course. Enhance your knowledge, grow healthier plants, and build a more sustainable future.


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