DO YOU WANT TO LEARN ABOUT PERMACULTURE and help a worthwhile project?

We are offering volunteering placements at our Dorset Permaculture Project site for people who can offer their time in exchange for learning about Permaculture


We are looking for enthusiastic people of all ages who are willing to offer their time and muscles to come to our demo and training site near Wimborne in Dorset to help us with our project. 

In return, you will be allowed to camp for free on the land for offering your support and determination to make this project succeed. During your time here (it could be a few hours, a day, or even a week) we will provide you with knowledge and information on permaculture, tips and tricks, failures and successes.

The work can be varied, from laying out no-dig beds to digging swales, and even building compost toilets and a shower, or putting a polytunnel up, strimming, making rustic seats, planting, designing and building water catchment, fencing, companion planting, and so on.

This is a fantastic hands-on opportunity to learn about permaculture on a developing site. 

In return for your efforts you will be offered FREE placements, or a significant discount, on future certificated courses that will be run here in the very near future, these include,

  • Introduction to permaculture
  • Permaculture PDC (72 hours design course)
  • Regenerative Agriculture (commercial farming)
  • Vermiculture course
  • Off grid power system course
  • Keeping chickens
  • Building swales
  • Soil restoration course
  • Companion planting course
  • Food forest course
  • Borehole drilling use divining rods
  • and more…

To be able to participate, you must be fit, able and reasonably healthy. There will be some lifting involved of heavy items. Water and toilet facility is provided on site. Please ensure you bring your own food or refreshments. The urgent tasks are to build a composting toilet, shower, rainwater storage and mess hut. 

Get in touch for more details