There are many ways in which we can capture water on our land but all are equally important to the success of your project


Swales are deep channels with sloping sides carved out of the soil on sloping or steep land that follow the topography of the land and collect and retain rainwater providing hydration to all plants below it


Swales are shallow, broad and vegetated channels designed to store and/or convey runoff and remove pollutants. They may be used as conveyance structures to pass the runoff to the next stage of the treatment train and can be designed to promote infiltration where soil and groundwater conditions allow.

A contour swale follows the topography of the land. It can be used to divert water to other areas or retain water for hydrating vegetation.

Water containment

Within our designs, we implement the ability to capture and store rainwater. Using IBC’s, water containers or water butts, we can store enough water to be self-sufficient. We can even look at using rainwater, and wastewater for flushing toilets, or watering the plants when combined with a reed filtering system.