What Happens When You Don’t Mow Your Lawn?

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What happens when you don’t mow your lawn?

This year, we’re asking people to take a break from mowing their lawn. Instead of creating a green carpet, how about creating an abundance of wildlife within a natural habitat.

When we mow our lawns we disrupt the natural habitat of thousands of insects and birds that would ordinarily thrive in undisturbed environments.

So this year, take a break from mowing and let nature take over and experience the wonderful array of species that will come to visit.

What Happens when you don't mow your lawn

Grasshoppers will hop, beetles will crawl, ladybugs will climb, birds will forage, caterpillars and butterflies will flourish, bees will buzz and the garden will come to life.

What Happens when you don't mow your lawn

If you don’t want to stop mowing your lawn perhaps think about leaving a small area of it, you could even scatter some wildflowers and it becomes a beautiful little spot to enjoy the activity of wildlife that will be invited.

What Happens when you don't mow your lawn

Do something different this year and let your grass grow and in turn you’ll be letting the wildlife grow. It’s time we started to share our space with who it really belongs to.

Start by buying wildflowers

Let’s do this…

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